About the Hotel

A relaxing view of the sea,
by the setting sun

The pride of Hotel Ryugu is its spectacular view.
Our Panorama Spa and five private outdoor baths are the best spots
for enjoying the breathtaking scenery.
The way the sky and sea weave together when viewed from our Panorama Spa is
simply stunning and is especially magical at sunset.
The evening sun reduces the bridges of Amakusa to nothing more than silhouettes,
dyeing everything a golden red, including the silent, undulating sea.
Chosen as one of Japan’s Top 100 Views,
our superb seascape is something we work to preserve.

Hot Spring Baths

Natural ingredients,
expertly prepared
and arranged

Amakusa – blessed with bounties from both the sea and the mountains
that include succulent kuruma shrimp,
tai (sea bream), uni (sea urchin), tachiuo (cutlassfish), and Amakusa’s famous local breed of chicken,
Amakusa Daio. Amakusa specialties like these are popular wherever they are available.
The job of our cooking staff is to craft these delicate, luxurious ingredients into world-class dishes.
We use as many ingredients as possible that can be
sourced locally from Amakusa – including seasonings –
to create a truly satisfying meal that emphasizes the natural quality of the ingredients.


Supreme relaxation
by the sea and sky

The guest rooms at Hotel Ryugu offer the finest in hospitality.
Guests can choose from a variety of room types, including Japanese, Western,
and Hybrid Japanese-Western, decorated in a modern Japanese style,
located in either our Main Building or our special Sarasa Building. No matter which room you choose,
you’ll be greeted by a chic yet relaxing atmosphere.
Rooms with a beautiful view over the sea and islands of Amakusa are also available.
We guarantee a relaxing stay surrounded by the grand embrace of nature.



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